Back in 96 while still in high school, I started this little back yard party called Goochstock,and we had a band or 2 and a few beers. Over the years, this “little” party evolved into a major back yard bash called Goochfest! On average there is 5 local top quality bands, DJ, food vendors, beer trailer, whiskey wagon (with the legendary Goochie Girls), raffles, & lots of people!!.. Each year we do an online poll to pick a different charity every year to donate the proceeds to. Sounds like too big of a party for a back yard?? It was! The town one year actually shut down my street for attendees only! Then the following year, they donated 33 acres for me to move the party there! We have taken the last 2 years off, but this year WERE BACK!!!  

Also check out the Goochfest Facebook page for all upcoming details!!

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